a fascinating departure from the normal performance experience

Melanie Green

The Dance Enthusiast

CRAWL is a multi-disciplinary, nomadic arts presenting series that fosters and supports creative meetings between artists and audiences. By working with nontraditional venues, building community partnerships, and showing work that is both urgent and relevant, we radically change the way that contemporary art is seen and experienced. Our events span warehouse parties, gallery shows, and performance showcases. We keep our environment social and accessible, while still presenting daring, relevant works and promoting critical conversation about them.

In the end, CRAWL is more than a roving arts showcase; CRAWL is an artist-first community that actively seeks to imagine an alternative, forward-thinking vision of arts presentation.

the middle passage

art in obscura

The orchestration of darkness and light produces layers which dig far beyond the visual.

Donny Levit

Brooklyn Pulp

Do you ever feel like your world has turned upside down?

George Del Barrio of The Vanderbilt Republic and TPM often feel that way, too. That’s why we joined forces to build The Middle Passage: a focused camera obscura installation inside of Open Source Gallery.

Inside, we see south slope turned literally upside down. The obscura presents inside the gallery what is outside of the gallery; our world, and specifically, a gentrifying Brooklyn block in a neighborhood that is undergoing modern day colonization. In a blissful reclamation, the world’s perspective is the artists’ to control. Inside the walls of the gallery it becomes abundantly clear that the world is what we make it – what we have made it. And that when you cut a hole in the darkness, you fill it with light.

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